Book Fair


LAS LOMITAS BOOK FAIR : November 2-9, 2018 in Cano Hall

Thank you to the Las Lomitas Families for supporting children of this community and families outside of this community by shopping with Las Lomitas New Books Fair. 

Through your generosity, the school acquired $3,500 in Book Credit, which our librarian and teachers will use to buy new books! 

Through your book donations directly to the teachers and library wish lists, the classrooms are full of new books, with your children's names inscribed inside. 

Through your monetary donations, we were able to raise $1,730 in book credit to LifeMoves - a shelter for homeless women and children (and those that escape their abusive homes). LifeMoves has a robust children’s program designed to bridge the social, emotional and academic achievement gaps that typically accompany homelessness. The donated books would greatly help the children at those shelters.

Thank you to the volunteers that came to set up and hourly shifts throughout the week of the Book Fair. Special Thanks to Bo Chen, Lindsay Louie, Adrianne Wonnacott and Noreene Perea for hours they spent in the helping either before or during the fair.

Thank you all!