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Appreciation - Tin Tin Wisniewski, Sarah Rye (appreciation@llpta.org)
Apple for the Classroom - Julie Chandik (aclassroom@llpta.org)
Art Exhibition - Yvonne Schmidt, Anne Garratt (artexhibition@llpta.org)
Art Notecards - Bree Connally (artnotecards@llpta.org)
Bilingual Buddies - Margarita Garcia-Cano (bilingualbuddies@llpta.org)
Book Fair - Anya Chernykh-Hodges, Noreene Perea (bookfair@llpta.org)
Boxtops 4 Education - Ian Edwards (boxtops4education@llpta.org)
Directory - Heather Hopkins (directory@llpta.org)
First Friday - Jody Leng (funfridays@llpta.org)
Front Office Support - Brooke Kvingedal (frontoffice@llpta.org)
Holiday Workshop - Katie Garlinghouse (holidayworkshop@llpta.org)
Hospitality - Aviv Fishler (hospitality@llpta.org)
Kindergarten Round-up - Courtney Bianchi, Jennifer Polly, Tracy Chesler, Yvonne Schmidt (roundup@llpta.org)
Lion's Roar (Newsletter) - Michelle Parsons (lionsroar@llpta.org)
Memory Book - Elizabeth Culp (memorybook@llpta.org)
Pancake Breakfast - Lindsay Louie (breakfast@llpta.org)
Picture Day - Jessica Bragg (pictureday@llpta.org)
Read-A-Thon - Janet Jennings (readathon@llpta.org)
Safe Routes - Linda Barman (saferoutes@llpta.org)
Science Wonders - Shirly Earley (sciencewonders@llpta.org)
Spiritwear- Tin Tin Wisniewski (spiritwear@llpta.org)
Third Grade Field Day - Bree Connally, Kate Bartow (fieldday@llpta.org)
Webmaster - Ramadevi Harikrishnan (webmaster@llpta.org)
Web Developer - Adrianne Wonnacott (developer@llpta.org)
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